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  • Appendix 1 G codes
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  • Appendix 4 Cutting parameters for Oxy-propane
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Power Seires - cnc cutting machines

SteelTailorTM Power Portable CNC cutting machines User's Manual

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    Note 1SteelTailor Power Portable CNC cutting machine's Effective Cutting Range of X-Axis and Y-Axis can be adjusted according to the need of the customer, Cross Beam and Longitudinal Rail Length can be adjusted accordingly:Maximum width: 1800mm, Maximum length: 15000mm.

    Note 2:SteelTailor Power Portable CNC cutting machine's Z- Axis is adjustable manually and inclinable. If the automatic height control is selected (optional), the Z- Axis is adjustable manually or automatically

    Note 3: With tips for propane is delivered, tips for acetylene can be delivered as option.

    Note 4: Specific torch assembly must to be ordered for Gasoline.

    Note 5: The cnc cutting software Fast CAM Professional Version or cnc cutting MTC can be ordered as option.