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  • SteelTailor Description
  • Information for your safety
  • Packing List
  • Assembly
  • Installation of Fast CAM Software
  • Operating Panel
  • Operation
  • Instructions of AHC system
  • Maintenance
  • Appendix 1 G codes
  • Appendix 2 M codes
  • Appendix 3 Error code list
  • Appendix 4 Cutting parameters for Oxy-propane
  • Trouble shooting

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SteelTailorTM Power Portable CNC cutting machines User's Manual

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2. Information for your safety
The operator must read and understood the contents of this user’s manual before any operation on SteelTailor CNC portable Cutting Machine.
Never hesitate to contact us for assistance when you have any questions or you need help, and you can reduce the account of time your troubles takes and solve your SteelTailor CNC portable Cutting Machine's problem efficiently.
Note: Each of the following description must be verified before any operation on SteelTailor CNC portable Cutting Machine.
1. The preparing operations have to be performed by technicians that have plentiful experience.
2. All safety precautions must be obeyed in both flame and plasma cutting mode.
3. Keep SteelTailor CNC portable Cutting Machine away any explosive and flammable material.
4. Never try to cool, ventilate, flush SteelTailor CNC portable Cutting Machine with oxygen.
5. Grease and oily materials, even clothes, must be kept away from the oxygen.
6. The connectors of gas pipes and torch must be sealed without any leaks in safety.
7. The torch’s nozzle has to be selected according to the cutting to be performed.
8. Only Oxygen gas is available as combustion-supporting gas.
9. The Acetylene or Propane or Methane or Gasoline can be used as fuel gas.
10. Adjust the gas pressure to the following values:
Pre-heating Oxygen: Max 1.5 Mpa
Cutting Oxygen: Max 1.5 Mpa
Fuel: Max 0.1 Mpa
11. Torch ignition and flame adjustment have to be performed according this user’s manual.
12. The gas supply has to be turn off in accordance with the following order in case of backfire or blockage of the nozzle.
a) Turn off fuel valve
b) Turn off pre-heating oxygen valve
c) Turn off cutting oxygen valve
13. All valves must be turn off when SteelTailor CNC portable Cutting Machines are not in use.
14. SteelTailor CNC portable Cutting Machines' Maintenance must be carried out according to this user's manual, and any maintenance or repair operations must be performed in the situation that the power supply is cut off.
15. Replacement of any parts of SteelTailor CNC portable Cutting Machine must be performed by technicians that have plentiful experience and only original parts are available.