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Power Seires - cnc cutting machines

SteelTailorTM Power Portable CNC cutting machines User's Manual

4. Assembly
4.1. Introduction
Check all the parts of SteelTailor CNC Cutting Machine out of the boxes and put them stored in a safe place after removing all the screws fixing the cover to the box body.
The tool is only an Allen Key of M8.
Follow the following described installation steps to install SteelTailor CNC Cutting Machine in strict.
4.2. Longitudinal Rails Assembly (Y-Axis)
1. Take the frame constituted by the two longitudinal rails
2. Take the two transversal beams
3. Take the 8 screws of M8
4. Slide the captive nuts to the place where one transversal beam will be installed onto the frame (? 400 mm from the edge of the frame) See Picture 1.
5. Put one transversal beam in place, insert 4 screws of M8 through the beam into the captive nuts and screw them down. See Picture 2.
Picture1: Captive nuts
Transversal Beam screwing-cnc cutting machines
Picture 2: Transversal Beam screwing-cnc cutting machines